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Showcasing the Good, Compelling Others to Action

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Like many of you, our team becomes disheartened when we hear negative stories. Whether they are printed in the headlines or featured on the nightly news, there seems to be a continuous rotation of murders, robberies, corruption investigations, and scandals. To top it off, Mississippi is regularly named at the bottom of lists we’d prefer to be toward the top and at the top of lists we’d prefer to be toward the bottom. We feel the hopelessness these stories bring, and experience the apathy that closely follows.

But we also know how an inspirational story can instill pride, compassion, & ownership, especially when that story features a success happening right here in our own state or hometown. And just as negative stories can produce apathy, it is our belief that stories focused on goodness can result in a powerful call to action that compels others to join in. With no other organization exclusively focused on showcasing the good happening statewide, our team saw the need to create Do Good Mississippi.

Our purpose: Showcasing the Good, Compelling Others to Action

To this end, Do Good Mississippi will be creating partnerships with agencies, ministries, nonprofits, and social businesses that are on the front lines of positive change in our state. They are the heroes we will celebrate and leverage our platform to showcase. Our goal is to bring more awareness to their work and connect them to individuals who share their desire to do good. Connecting organizations with more supporters will equip them to achieve more for Mississippi.

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