It has been an extremely busy few months for the Brilla FC soccer staff & PDL players. This year’s PDL squad was exceptionally strong earning an impressive 5-2-3 record clenching the top spot in their Mid-South Minor League Division. Their on-field success has been celebrated by the 500+ average fan attendance at their home games in Clinton, but today we will be focusing on their off-field efforts through their Urban Soccer Project that have been aimed at pleasing an audience of one.

Brilla Soccer Ministries was founded in 1996 on a soccer mission trip to Costa Rica. Brilla – pronounced “bree-ah” – is the Spanish word for “shine,” and serves as a reminder for the organization of Jesus words in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before men.”

Brilla’s purpose is to share the good news of Jesus Christ through the game of soccer, whether in a foreign country, playing domestically, or in an urban setting, the goal remains the same – to shine for Jesus.

Brilla FC soccer gameIn 2007, the ministry of Brilla expanded its outreach to include a Premier Development League team, the state’s only minor league soccer team. Brilla recruits top talent players from all over the world to spend the summer months in the metro area, competing on the team, and participating in various aspects of the ministry. The 2015 roster is comprised of players from Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Spain, England, Scotland, and the United States.

The Urban Soccer Project

In 2010, the organization founded the Urban Soccer Project, which brings the excitement of soccer and the love of Jesus to children in the inner-city Jackson metro area. Brilla provides instruction for children to learn basic soccer skills, as well as develop important life skills like teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship, and other character building traits. The use of minor league players as role models, not only on the field in competition, but also off the field in life has added an immensely rewarding dimension to the players and staff of Brilla.
Brilla Urban Soccer Project

“The urban camps are a great way for us as players to give back to the community, and it also opens our eyes to the issues around us that we often don’t see. We think we are going to go and teach them about this game but really it’s us learning from the love they show us and the game itself.”

– Lucas Almeida, Brazil

Through the Urban Soccer Project, Brilla works with established, inner-city ministry partners to facilitate it’s camps. 2015 ministry partners included Mission First, Stewpot, Perkins Center, Springboard to Opportunities, and Operation Upward.

“The urban soccer project has been an amazing and full experience for Brilla to connect with a number of organizations in inner-city Jackson. Connecting with these organizations has allowed us the chance to work with leaders who love kids, their neighborhoods and have placed the foundation of their work on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Working with the kids and leaders at Mission First and our other partner organizations are clear evidence to how blessed we truly are. We pray these relationships continue for many years to come”

– Robert Gardner, Jackson

2015 Season

We will be cheering Brilla on throughout their post-season play and would encourage you to connect with them using their social media accounts provided below. While we are proud of their record on the field, it is the good they are doing off the field that speaks for itself:

  • 275 junior players
  • 4 summer camps of more than 200 participants
  • 7 urban soccer camps with other 300 participants

Brilla Soccer Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. All areas of the ministry are funded through the generous support of contributors and sponsors. Contact Rusty Bryant for more information.

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