Meet our friend Audry!

Meet our friend Audry!

Audry Enns is one of several Mississippians currently training for the Make A Wish Trailblaze Challenge, taking place on the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama, Saturday, June 3rd. These dedicated participants will navigate 26.3 miles of the Pinhoti Trail in one day, rain or...

DGMS Podcast 8.5 – Justin Patterson

In this episode, we have an impromptu conversation with our Audio Engineer / Producer, Justin Patterson, who is Matt’s cousin. Justin had lots of great insight on the generational impact of the legacy left to himself & Matt & we wanted to include this as a BONUS perspective.

DGMS Podcast 8.4 – Goals & Events

In this episode, we’ll be finishing our conversation with Matthew Patterson who is the Founder of Project 25. You’ll hear some of the goals they have for 2016, current needs of the organization, some exciting events you can look forward to, and one thing you can do to help Project 25 Do Good today.

DGMS Podcast Episode 8.3 – Success Stories

In today’s episode, we will continue our conversation with Matthew Patterson from Project 25. You’ll hear several success stories of transformation & hope, the personal motivation Matthew has for Doing Good, shifts of perspective Matthew has seen in some of their volunteers through their involvement, and some practical steps for how you can approach each day to intentionally Do Good.

DGMS Podcast Episode 8.2 – Project 25

In today’s episode, we will continue our conversation with Matthew Patterson from Project 25. In this episode, we’ll be focusing our attention exclusively on their efforts as an organization. You’ll learn the story of bringing Project 25 from idea to reality, what types of services & support they currently provide, some of the successes they have enjoyed as an organization, and the impact their work is having throughout communities & families right here in Mississippi.

DGMS Podcast Episode 8.1 – Matthew Patterson

In this episode, we’ll be focused primarily on Matthew’s story. You’ll learn of his personal journey of redemption from his battle with substance abuse, some of the misperceptions surrounding this topic, and why he is committed to doing good in the lives of others who share a similar struggle.